about us

Solid solutions for the sustainability of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems

Since 1988 we have been working with Innovation and Creativity, being pioneers in the development of concepts and contents related to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Working as a research and development center in the area of innovation management, we work collaboratively with experts from different areas, focusing on differentiated solutions and customized services for our target market.

We offer exclusive, easy-to-use and high-impact tools for decision-making on innovation and entrepreneurship projects, as well as a portfolio of services specialized in these areas. This is all aimed at facilitating the path of Entrepreneurs, Innovators, R&D, Innovation Managers, Project Managers, Investors, Consultants and Mentors.

Knowing the high risks of innovation projects and opening new businesses, we present solutions to preserve the financial, time and energy resources of everyone who works in these ecosystems.